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A few new traders. As always, looking for Jeff Gordons I need and the ever elusive Fanfare Cole Whitt plates!!!

[Image: Allmendinger.jpg]
[Image: Edwards-2.jpg]
[Image: Hamlin.jpg]
[Image: Kenseth.jpg]
[Image: Truex.jpg]
[Image: menard1.jpg]
[Image: Gilliand1.jpg]
[Image: Wise.jpg]
I like the Gun Metal Auto Truex out of 45. Nice card...interesting that the Gun Metal version are numbered to 45 and 20...I did not know that (the Danica Patrick is numbered to 5...) so I looked it up.

I find it interesting also that the Allmendinger is an unnumbered Prime, when some of the Gun Metal #/99 are no where near as makes for an interesting chase set within a set, if you ask me...I have three of the same base RU Tony Stewart cards, one Black, one White, one Patch...all the "same" card.

Anyway, you know who I collect, so I am out, but I love talking about it, and seeing it.
I agree w/ dunnere about the 'Dinger and that Truex looks nice too. I think that the Hamlin is part of the Sprint Cup logo (small but still a piece of it). If I collected any of these guys, I might be interested but I don't have a JG that I'd trade for any of them. Wink
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