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Had a 2-case box break war with a friend (so combined we each broke 1 case), and I ended up with 3 case hits Smile All are on the bay, but open to discussion.

[Image: EliteAcetateLot1.jpg]
[Image: EliteAcetateLot2.jpg]

Jerseys - The Chris Johnson is on back of the Eddie George (dual)
[Image: JerseyLot1.jpg]
[Image: EliteJerseyLot2.jpg]
[Image: EliteJerseyLot3.jpg]

[Image: EliteAutoLot2.jpg]
[Image: EliteAutoLot1.jpg]
[Image: EliteLot1.jpg]

Dan Herron Status #/24, Aspirations #/49s, Steve Smith #/20
[Image: EliteDieCutAutos.jpg]

Brandon Weeden Lot
[Image: EliteWeeden.jpg]

Acetate Autos - top 2 are case hits. Green #/2
[Image: EliteAcetateAutos.jpg]

Turn of the Century Dual Auto Winslow / Gronkowski
[Image: PTCAutos.jpg]
What would you need for all of the Bengals?
Pm me if selling the Martin rookie, cousins auto, David Wilson redemption, both weedens, Russell Wilson /99.
I like a few...can u pm me your ebay please?
Some sweet hits in there how did your buddy fair?

Did you run across any of these?
2012 Donruss Elite Hit List #13 NaVorro Bowman /999
2012 Donruss Elite Hit List Black #13 NaVorro Bowman /49
2012 Donruss Elite Hit List Gold #13 NaVorro Bowman /149
Forgot to mention, contact patsfan129 about that Passing the Torch, he needs it.
Sorry no Navarro Bowman's

Buddy hit a base Printing Plate of Stafford, a Michael Floyd auto, and other randoms. He was kind of upset that I pulled both case hits and an extra Tongue
thanks KBF - may work a trade with him then. BTW feel free to PM me a price for Bengals (Dan Herron and Marvin Jones)
check me for the Griese please!
Holy crap that is nice looking stuff. May have to go buy some today! Was that just your share, or was that 2 cases of hits? Looks like a nice break.
I could use the Brent Celek
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