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Full Version: 10 Packs of Elite
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Hey everyone,

Went to the LCS to try it out. Bought half a box got half the hits so not too bad I guess considering they weren't the worst ones in the world. Here's what I did get...

Greg Childs Rookie /999

David DeCastro Rookie /999

Marvin McNutt Blue Diecut Rookie /93

D'Qwell Jackson Hit list Insert /999

Tom Brady Elite Series /999

Mohamed Sanu Rookie Gold Diecut Auto /24

[Image: elitecardssanu.jpg]

Robert Griffin III New Breed GU /199

[Image: rgiii.jpg]

Not real bad. First RGIII I have pulled. Hadn't even hit a base RC of him up to this point so that hit was nice.

Thanks for the look,
Need that Sanu, posted on your thread on the other site as well.
very nice rgIII!!
Please PM me if RG3 is for trade, thanks!
I would love a shot at that Sanu. I have some Henne's you might like
lmk if the mcnutt is for trade, THANKS!
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