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As many of you know, I regularly post Bowman breaks on this board. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I am scheduled to receive my five cases of 2012 Platinum ($4900 delivered from ATL), and I hope to start busting in the evening.

I will be listing out all numbered cards and autos, providing some photos of the better cards, and may eventually attempt to grade the break on a box by box basis once I get acclimated to the product. I invite you to stop by this thread, help me with the grading, and contribute to the discussion. I sleeve, clean, and sort as I go, so the breaks usually last 5-7 days, which gives a lot of different members an opportunity to stop by and comment while the break is still ongoing. The collective expertise of the Beckett community in these threads invariably makes me more knowledgeable about the product. Plus, it's fun to show off a little bit.

As you might remember, my break of last year's Platinum product was a disaster, consistent with the experiences of most. That break can be found here:

However, 2010 Platinum was really great, even aside from the two superfractor autos I pulled:

But both years I really liked the aesthetic of the cards. I think it's a pretty neat product, and it has become one of my favorite breaks.

To heighten interest in the break, I will organize a couple of contests. All contest information (including results) will be in this thread, and entries need to be posted here as well. This keeps the Message Board tidy.


CONTEST #1: To kick things off, I will be offering FIVE prospect autos from among my duplicates (I will provide a list from which you may choose) to the winner of the first contest. If you like, you may choose as an alternative prize $50 worth of cards from my collection (instructions for this alternate prize will be provided backchannel). To participate, you need to guess which Prospect Autograph Card will appear in my first case as the lowest-numbered parallel. For example, if the first case produces 18 base autos, four green refractor autos, a blue refractor auto, and a red refractor auto, who is the red auto? If there is a tie for lowest numbered parallel (e.g., two blue refractor autos), the winner will be the one I pull LAST in the case. To break ties (including the scenario in which nobody picks the lowest numbered prospect auto), you must also guess the number of pitches to be thrown by Max Scherzer in the Wednesday night game. Closest to the pin wins, further tie break goes to the first poster. All entries must be posted before I post results from my first box, which should be about 7PM Eastern. I settle all disputes.

Based on what I'm seeing on eBay, the prospect auto checklist includes the following 35 players:


A valid entry, therefore, will look something like this: "Lowest parallel: Bundy, 75 pitches"


CONTEST #2: Winner of the second contest will receive a complete master set of 2012 Bowman Platinum, 1-100 and PP1-PP100, or $50 in cards of your choice from my collection.

In this contest, you need to predict the case and box in which I pull my lowest numbered card in cases 3-5. If I pull multiples of the same print number, winner will be the one that comes last. For example, if I pull a printing plate in the 2nd box of the 3rd case, and then another plate in the 1st box of the 4th case, and no other plates or supers, Case #4, Box #1 is the winner. Only cards in hand count -- no redemptions. Any type of card with a stamped print number counts except that I consider superfractors to be of lower print number than plates.

To break ties, you must also guess the combined score of Tigers-Red Sox series from Monday-Wednesday. Closest to the pin wins, further tie break goes to the first poster. All entries must be posted before I start busting the third case; I settle all disputes.

A valid entry, therefore, will look something like this:
"Case #3, Box #12, Tigers 15-12"

Make sense? Good luck to you and to me.


"Lowest parallel: Calhoun, 93 pitches"
Terdoslavich: 87 pitches
Lowest Parallel: Tilson, 87 Pitches
Holmes, 96 pitches. btw, are they 12 box cases?
Lowest Parallel: Mahtook, 94 pitches
Norris (Red is my guess)

Anyone who shares the name of Chuck Norris has to win right...

C'mon the guy won the World Series of Poker with a 3 of clubs, 9 of spades, a joker, Red 4 from Uno, and a Monopoly get outta jail free card...

98 pitches for the win... go Tigers!!!

(07-24-2012 09:54 PM)chasescardcave Wrote: [ -> ]Holmes, 96 pitches. btw, are they 12 box cases?

(07-24-2012 10:16 PM)pyweed Wrote: [ -> ]Yes.
Seems like a good deal! Just wish I had 5k lol.Hope you get some mojo!
Bauer is my guess, 81 pitches. Thanks for the contest and good luck with the break!
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