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i ran across this card in a lot of baseball/football cards i got yesterday. i seen on ebay that a Beckett graded 9. is posting for a grand. is this true? i dont know much about basketball prices. could someone help me out please? this card is in fantastic shape and if it could be worth that much i will send it in. does anyone know the BV of it not being graded. i would say mint on price guide . its a 97/98 sp authentic profiles 3 scottie pippen P28 ser # 93/100 thank you for your input and time

The low-numbered cards that started in the late 90's are going for big money right now. That Pippen won't end up fetching 1k, even graded out at a 9, but it should fetch close to half that pretty easily.

If yours grades out that high as you say it would, I'd say it's worth the money getting it graded b/c your return will be more than the cost of grading, IMHO.
Dang I'm guessing you got a steal. Those cards are NICE, congrats on the find!
nice find. do you have a scan you can post?
if you decide not to grade it pm me I am interested if moving! thx
(07-25-2012 10:12 PM)jpleazme805 Wrote: [ -> ]nice find. do you have a scan you can post?

whats a scan? you talking about me scanning the card and putting it online like a picture.
this card is up for grabs for the best offer made to me for a good veriety of baseball or football Auto's, relics, 1/1's, low numbered refractors. i really dont wanna trade a high price card for a high price card unless its a really good (derek jeter or cam newton) but i would like to get some good named players that will trade easy and that have good value. this card was on ebay for a grand and it was beckett graded 9. i believe my card should be in that neighborhood it is in really good shape. i am working on getting it graded through beckett. i havent sent it in yet but will go soon. but if i get the right offer before it goes then so be it... lets get to the offers if anyone is interested
i like mainly cam newton, derek jeter, A-ROD, bryce harper

i would like to add that i am not trying to get the world for this card just would like fare offers thats all. cause this card has great potential of being a well graded card and worth big bucks. so if i sounded like i want the world for it. sorry cause thats not the case i just would like fair offers from anyone who is interested in it.

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