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I am not happy about some of these grades, I really believe those low ones should have graded better and I got nailed by the BGS Demon grader. I knew the playbooks were NR-MT 8 but it would have cost me about the same to buy the booklet hardcases so I figured why not.

[Image: RickyStanziThreadsSBGS7276041.jpg]
[Image: RickyStanziThreadsTBGS7276108.jpg]
[Image: RickyStanziThreadsABGS7276107.jpg]
[Image: RickyStanziThreadsNBGS7276106.jpg]
[Image: RickyStanziThreadsZBGS7276105.jpg]
[Image: RickyStanziThreadsIBGS7276104.jpg]
[Image: RoyHelu269-300BGS7276094.jpg]
[Image: RoyHelu250-300BGS7276095.jpg]
[Image: RoyHelu235-300BGS7276092.jpg]
[Image: RoyHelu232-300BGS7276093.jpg]

[Image: TitusYoungPlaybook34-49BGS7276034.jpg]
[Image: TitusYoungPlaybook308-399BGS7276033.jpg]
[Image: TitusYoungSPA515-699BGS7276111.jpg]
[Image: TitusYoungSPA516-699BGS7276110.jpg]
[Image: RickyStanziRSTeamLogo4-10BGS7276116.jpg]
[Image: ChristianPonderSPA187-699BGS7276112.jpg]
[Image: ChristianPonderSPA322-699BGS7276113.jpg]
[Image: ChristianPonderSPA664-699BGS7276042.jpg]
[Image: AndyDaltonSPA646-699BGS7276045.jpg]
[Image: AndyDaltonSPA425-699BGS7276043.jpg]

[Image: AJGreenPlatesandPatches134-299BGS7276099.jpg]
[Image: AndyDaltonPlatesandPatches441-499BGS7276101.jpg]
[Image: RyanMallettPlatesandPatches218-299BGS7276046.jpg]
Seems like some pretty good grades to me
Not bad at all. The books are hard to get an 8.5 and the SP's it's hard to get a 9. You did well.
You did great on the Plates and Patches!! Hard to know on the SPA's without the high res scans, but the booklets are right on. Getting anything above an 8 on those would be a gift.
Thanks to everyone for trying to cheer me up, the grades have kind of put me in a funk where I dont want to trade or even buy cards but it will pass.
Nightly bump
Thick cards are BRUTAL to grade. It is hard to judge the EDGES without being a pro. I have difficulty with flat chrome cards I can't imagine those thicker patch cards. Surprisingly you received 9s on a lot of the edges. Two of your Stanzi letters are .5 away from a GEM grade too. The SP non-letters have very poor corners out of the box. The rule of thumb is when in doubt, don't send it in. The last 3 on the list are GREAT cards to have graded.

I realize you spent $200-300 for these but you have some nice stuff!

Best and hardest card in the lot is that stanzi logo patch emerald R&S, those corners are BRUTAL out of the box.

The booklet is just flushing $ down the drain.....horrible to display and impossible to gem.

Nicely done man.
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