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NOTE: Cards are not marked FT yet because they are only available under certain circumstances.

The ones that are marked are available in any trade for other autos.


As many of you know I am working on a lifetime on card auto project. The project consists of many players I have seen play in my life, and most of which have at some point been All-Stars or KC Royals past and present.

The project has now crossed the 1000 mark and my goal by the end of 2012 is to reach 1050. I am actually pushing hard for this to have the holiday months off.

I am willing to trade down on anything in the project if I get the same player back and add something. The project is not about value for me but more about acquiring the player.

Here are the requirements to make it as a project card.
* On card auto, Sweet Spot, SP or Finest Letter, True Cut auto for older players
* No stickers unless the player has nothing else available
* White index cuts okay on some of the high-dollar guys as long as auto is all visible
* IP or TTM autos only of those with no "pack pulled" copies available
* IP or TTM must come from reputable source for later authentication
* Avoiding brands like Best, Just, etc unless noted or a big name player

Again this is a LIFE TIME project.

Here is my progress so far.

Here is the list of players yet to acquire. There is names being added daily. Some I have researched and those have notes. Others have notes if there are stipulations for them to make the project.

The cards in bold are easier cards I hope to acquire by the end of the year.
Walter Alston (cut auto)
Richie Ashburn (cut auto)
Ken Boyer (cut auto)
Miguel Cabrera (upgrade to any on card, Detroit)
Roberto Clemente (cut auto)
Jose Contreras (2003)
Larry Doby (on card or cut auto)
Brendan Donnelly (in person or authenticated)
Jacoby Ellsbury (Bowman Chrome RC or color)
Tony Fernandez (2004)
Doug Fister (in person or authenticated)

Keith Foulke (2004 eTopps)
Nellie Fox (cut auto)
Terry Francona (2001 Topps Base Hits Relics)
Carlos Guillen (1999 Bowman or 2006 Topps)
Mike Hargrove (2001 Topps Base Hits Relics)
Whitey Herzog (2003 Topps Retired and any Cardinals on card)
Elston Howard (cut auto)
Tim Hudson (any on card, Braves)
Jim Johnson (in person or authenticated)
Jeff Kent (2001 E-X or 2001 SP)
Sandy Koufax (any on card, Dodgers)
Tim Lincecum (any on card, Giants) (upgrade)
Mickey Mantle (cut auto or on card)
Charlie Manuel (2001 Topps Base Hit Relics)
Billy Martin (cut auto)
Hideki Matsui (any on card)
Thurman Munson (cut auto)
Johnny Oates (2001 Topps Base Hit Relics)
Albert Pujols (any on card, Angels)
Mariano Rivera (any on card, Yankees)
Jackie Robinson (cut auto)
Alex Rodriguez (any on card, Yankees and Seattle)
Carlos Ruiz (2005 Leather & Lumber)
Babe Ruth (cut auto)
Kazuhiro Sasaki (in person or authenticated)
Buck Showalter (2001 Topps Base Hit Relics)
Casey Stengell (cut auto)
Ichiro Suzuki (any on card, Mariners)
Joe Torre (any on card, Cardinals and Yankees)
Ugueth Urbina (in person or authenticated)
Fernando Valenzuela (2005 Sweet Spot)
Bernie Williams (any on card, Yankees)
Ken Williams (any authentic slabbed auto) OLD TIMER NOT 80s
Mark Wohlers (1997 Stadium Club Co-Signers)
28 views and not so much as a comment
(07-22-2012 05:21 PM)dbroockerd Wrote: [ -> ]28 views and not so much as a comment

I think that`s an awesome idea. I also reason the same way when I`m looking for autos. I collect Bucs, but I just love cards and the hobby and remember certian players and sets from when I was young and along the way and collect much the way you are now. I do also have a couple of those autos you are looking for. One that comes to mind quickly is Matt Capps. I`m sure I have some more.
Help me!!!
wish I had something to help you with... Funny, I don't see a bag of sea monkeys in this life list. ;-)
(07-24-2012 03:23 PM)ryancholden Wrote: [ -> ]wish I had something to help you with... Funny, I don't see a bag of sea monkeys in this life list. ;-)

Yeah you'd think I'd have added that.
Daily bump!
Anyone interested in swapping anything out I have?
Hola! Good day!
I have the Ramon Hernandez in this scan. Have any Braves?

[Image: scan0003.jpg]
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