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Full Version: 2012 Rookies
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I'm just getting back into collecting after a number of years away from the hobby and am looking to start off by collecting the 2012 rookies.

Can anyone give me any insight into what brands would be good to collect for Rookies? I'm not looking to get into the high end $200 packs but am more interested in the mid-level.

And in terms of collecting, are packs the best way to go or am I better picking up the cards individually (and along those lines, aside from stores and ebay, any sites people can recommend)?

Thanks for your help!
Rookies for 2011-12 won't be out until 2012-13 Products due to the lockout from last year. As far as money wise, it's more fun to bust packs (Prestige will be 1 RC per pack) but it's financially better to buy them on the second market. You might want to check out
2012-13 Hoops will also have rookies and will be pretty cheap also. Beyond that, as Xstream said - prestige for guaranteed rookies.
Great - thanks for your help!
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