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We are doing a SP Game Used Case Group Break at the store on Saturday so will post the 6 box results ....

See you one Saturday!
can't wait to see the results
ditto the above comment lets see some lightning players
Hope you get some great pulls. And keep me in mind if you get any Patrick Roy pulls!
Would love to see and garner some Halak's! Big Grin

Sorry for the delay... Wife wanted to go see batman...

[Image: 009-23.jpg]
[Image: 010-21.jpg]
[Image: 011-15.jpg]
[Image: 012-14.jpg]
[Image: 014-10.jpg]
[Image: 013-12.jpg]
Nice Kane...thanks for the look. How was Batman?
Batman was OK... not as good as the last one. Don't get me wrong, it was worth watching - just not quite the hype promoted.

not shown of course are all the base cards and another 8 RC's.
a few good redemption Scott I hope they get made for everyone

that Kane is nice

I hope everyone in the break enjoyed it
Not too bad, the Kane is pretty nice!
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