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2012 A&G Cal Ripken Jr. Silk 10/10 ...not too shabby...pic coming much you think it would fetch...Id say 100.00 but its PC for now....Also got
Arnold Palmer GW Shirt
Anthony Rizzo Auto
You never know... Ripken's highly collectible. Plus the 10/10 factor. I bet mid 100's if the right collectors spot it.

That is a hell of a Ginter box BTW... I'm 3 boxes deep, no auto, only crappy relics of fukudome and freakin abreu (2 of them) etc... hahaha... Congrats!
Last year I got the Pujols 5/10 silk and it sold for $400+. I'd say Ripken should fetch more than $100 EASILY.
in that case...he might not be PC! haha.... need to hook up my scanner but for now, a shitty pic
[Image: uvbd1.jpg]
Cal will sell also that Rizzo should help break even.
Sweet hit. Rizzo Auto is not to shabby either. Congrats!
Can't wait to see the pic!!
Nice break! Better than my box for sure!
real nice break hook up that scanner!!Big Grin
interested in the rizzo auto if it is for trade
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