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I noticed I can no longer use organize for free. Sad

I am considering dumping all my Bama card from last season and want to make sure what we can do here on Beckett now. I don't want to waste time scanning and inventorying them if I won't be able to list them.


PS. Love being a new member that has been here for 12 years.
You can list up to a certain amount for free I just don't remember the quantity, if you have your organize already built then no idea how to get around that. If you don't have an organize just add the cards to it and then mark them for sale and list a price.
I think it's either 100 or 1000 for free... but i'm pretty sure it's the lower.
Its 100, you can list up to 100 for free after that you have to pay. If you already have cards in your org I believe that counts against your 100.
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