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been eyeing this sucker on ebay for weeks now.. and finally came to an agreement with a GREAT ebayer and settled in with a purchase of this GREAT 1/1 additon to my press pass showcase 1/1s. enjoy!
(this marks my 6th different 1/1 from the set.. already having:trent Richardson,Stephon Gilmore,Quinton Coples,Michael Floyd and Kendall Wright,scans in my PB!)

wow... SICK 1/1!!! will look awesome with the others...
Congrats man!!!
i really dislike the prices people put on actual 1/1s though... makes the hobby tougher everyday. A Marquis Maze 1/1 PP showcase just showed up on ebay and seller wants 249.99.. without a best offer..really!!??i spent less than that on 5 of my 6 1/1s.
thanks for everyone looking.. LOVE posting my cards
Great looking 1/1!
Sweet card!! Definitely jealous here.... Smile low on PayPal can stop a guy lol
thanks guys!
That is a sick card JFrench. congrats. Working on a nice auto of him myself.
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