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Full Version: When to list on ebay
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Is monday nights a good time for listings to end on ebay? Probably going to do a 7 day auction and have not sold any cards in a while.

While I think there is a science to listing on eBay, I think it's more about what you list and how you list it. I'm not saying you need to spend an hour creating a listing, but don't put a card on there, misspell the player's name and give no information. Be clear about shipping and if you offer combined shipping describe the details. Talk about the card, condition, serial #d or GU or AUTO. Make mention of your other auctions, include a picture.

As far as time, I would use this site as a gauge for traffic times, I know that I'm usually on eBay right before, after, or sometimes at the same time that I'm on Beckett. I traditionally do 7-day auctions ending between 6PM and midnight EST, that way the West coast is off work and might be in front of their computers.
I think the best time to time your auctions to end is on a Sunday night - for whatever reason a higher amount of people are online - more traffic. Friday night and Saturday night would be the worst as more folks are out and about.
I agree things ending Sunday night and Monday night are better. It's more people being home causing more traffic. Weekends are awful. You have to take into consideration time zones as well. Plan it where it's gonna see all time zones. For instance not midnight on one coast and 8 on another. Shoot more for like 6 on one coast and 10 on another.
Sunday's, Monday's, and Thursdays. That is when I usually end auctions. I choose Thursday's because most people get paid on Friday's. Majority of my auctions end on Sundays though, higher traffic.

You should be good now. Lots of great advice from the others!
I was going to list tonight I always list around 9 or 10 pm EST time. But I never put as much thought into which day of the week. I also mention my other items
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