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I just noticed that there has been a recent addition to the OPG that I previously did know about. This is another parallel to the 2002 Stadium Club set. The OPG description is below:

"This set was released to the winners of the Stadium Club Super Bowl Prediction contest from 2002. At the time collectors would attempt to pick the two teams that would appear in the game as well as which team would win the game. If you chose the two teams correctly then you would receive an uncut sheet of the 75-rookies from the Stadium Club set. If you were also able to pick the game’s winner in advance, Topps would send you the uncut sheet as well as a complete Stadium Club factory set with all 200-cards printed with red foil on the cardfronts instead of silver. Only 29-sets were ever released as noted on the box of the factory set."

I have been trying to find one of these online just to see what one looks like, but have not yet found one. Some of you ardent player/team collectors have another challenge.
Ask and you shall receive Smile


[Image: 2002ToppsStadiumClubClintonPortis.jpg]


[Image: 2002ToppsStadiumClubPhotographersPr.jpg]

Red Predictor:

[Image: 2002ToppsStadiumClubSuperBowlPredic.jpg]

I have some other reds that can be available ft if anyone is interested. They could be found relatively easy btw Wink

They definitely are super tough to find!
Thanks for sharing. Seemingly you attained one of these sets. Did you win that Topps Super Bowl pick 'em contest years ago? Smile
Na, I didnt win. I picked up the Portis for my rookie pc of his a long time ago, grabbed a roy williams (cowboys safety RC) as well as a freeney rc, terrell davis and maybe one more, can't recall.

They are like never on ebay and people dont realize how hard these are too find; or they just dont care lol
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