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Hello my name is Mike, i've been collecting cards since I was about 8 years old. I'm now 32. I collect mostly baseball but do dabble into football every year.

Here's what I collect and would be interested in trading for...

Derek Jeter
Phil Hughes
Troy Tulowitzki
Jorge Posada
JP Arencibia
Madison Bumgardner
Buster Posey

Mark Sanchez

I have thousands of cards to trade, I keep everything very organized and clean. Would love to do some trades. If you want I can make up a list of what I have, please be specific (ie, Game used, auto, rookie, star, or certain player) and I will let you know what I have.
Welcome! I'd be glad to trade with you. Let me know if you have any Verlander/Cabrera/Stanton FT. Also, in order to trade, you need to input your available cards into the Org. There's directions available on the forum. The short of it is this- Enter in the cards you have, including quantity, etc as "have." If you want to trade 1 or more of them, indicate the quantity you want to "trade."
Welcome to the boards! I'd be interested in any Stan Musial and Starlin Castro you may have!

You'll learn to love this place, lots of great people here.
Any Braun or other guys listed in my sig would be good. As said before you can trade you have to enter them into your org.
Ok let me look into adding my cards, I do have what you guys are looking for from various sets, let me see how to do this.
Welcome! I am pretty new here too, I collect Lance Berkman.

I see you collect JP Arencibia, well I have something you may be interested in. I will PM you.
the ORG thing, I have to pay for that? or am I in the wrong area?
Inhave a Gypsy Queen auto of JP in my organize already. I collec on card autos of stars, semi-stars, HOFers and other stars of the past. Also love Royals. Add some cards and lets trade.
(07-15-2012 01:16 PM)lostdwarf Wrote: [ -> ]the ORG thing, I have to pay for that? or am I in the wrong area?

You can list up to 100 cards for free. After that, you'll need to subscribe. (It's worth it, in my opinion). In any event, if you don't plan to subscribe, make sure you stay under the 100 card limit (which includes the cards you have, and any cards that you'll be receiving via trade). Otherwise, it'll more or less freeze up once you reach the threshold without paying.
Here's an example of how to add a card to Org. Search for the card you have, once it pops up, click "add to organize." You'll then get an option to start a folder or collection. -For example, 2012 Topps, or whatever you want to call your folder. (Repeat this for as many cards you want to add). Then, when you're done adding cards, go to the folder where you added your cards, then input the quantity in the "trade" view. (Other views include "pricing," "grading," "default," etc.) You'll need to indicate at least "1" for your "haves" and then indicate "1" in the "trade" if you want to trade it.
I have a couple nice Sanchez Autos left. a Limited Patch Auto (2 Color) RC and a Donruss Threads Letterman Patch Auto RC. Looking for other nice star autos in baseball and football.
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