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I have finally scanned the entire Unique PC.

I have been collecting Keary since 2004

My goal with the collection is to get to 500 Unique. I hope that will happen in the next couple years. There are around 430ish in this link. I have some in route and will add them as they arrive. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this collection weather it was trading with me, hunting cards down, buying cards for me when I did not have the funds and those of you who have straight up given me cards!

Also a special thanks to Diablo for using his artistic skills to draw me a one of a kind Colbert picture in his chiefs uni.

Thanks all and as always comments welcome!
Todays Purchase makes #430

[Image: ksdndfgf.jpg]
Amazing collection! Can't wait to see you add to it.
I thought I.was going to be impressed when I opened that bucket.......and I was lol. Hell of a job man. Second to none
Wicked Collection man!!
very nice collection.. keep on building!
Thanks all. Yeah I have untold amounts of dupes but I think I am offically done buying those unless its something really nice. So many things might now be added to this since most of the time new cards for me dont come up for sale
Great looking collection. Trying to work out a deal to get a 6 auto card, one with Keary Colbert on it. Guy is stubborn as heck though.
Is it the one on the bay????? Dude I have wanted that 6 auto card forever! The one on ebay is a cool $150 lol
Yeah dave goodluck trying to get it lol
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