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Here I am, back again with yet another break of a Pacific hockey product. With the new SP Authentic out, I figured that the best bet would be to go with a Pacific product instead, and I am happy again.

Today's box break was of 2003-04 Pacific Calder, a product that I have never personally broken before so I truly did not know what to expect from it. What can I say, the product definitely lived up to the Pacific name as it delivered on many levels. At 24 packs per box, and retailing at an LCS price of $50, it was quite unexpected to see that there was not a single base-only pack in the box. I ended up with 21 serial #d cards (ranging from true-rookies, to Pacific Complete reds, to silver parallels), 2 Calder Reflections inserts, and 2 memorabilia cards out of 24 packs.

The player selection once again found a decent balance between the hot rookies of the day and the established stars. The design of the cards were nice, but I found the base cards to be rather busy on the background, regularly detracting from the player picture on the front. The memorabilia cards had an absolutely beautiful design, one of the best of the pre-lockout era in my opinion.

Everything about this product was fun to open, and sure there were no big-money hits per se, but Pacific was one of the few companies to have passion for their card quality, a passion that only one other hockey card company holds to this day.

-No base-only packs
-Nice selection of players
-Many serial #d cards and two memorabilia cards per box
-Decent design, particularly extraordinary memorabilia card designs
-Very reasonable price

-No big money potential, but a safe gamble nonetheless
-Busy base card design

Overall score: 4 out of 5
Verdict: Very good. A must buy!

[Image: 0304pacificcalder.jpg]
would be interested in the lupul rookie check out my org
Bruce -

Im interested in the Fleurys and Malone..

LMK bud!

not bad again
nice hits congrats
Bruce, I'm LOVING the old school pacific breaks. Looks like a fun cheap break. I'm all for autographs and GU but a nice insert laden box never hurt no one. Sometimes those are the most fun. Thanks for sharing!
Nice box
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