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Hey All,

Hit up the show in Chantilly today and busted a couple of boxes and picked up some traders too. I will be adding these to my ORG tonight or tomorrow. If you are interested in any pm or make me an open offer. THanks!

Titanium -

[Image: SCN_0082.jpg]


[Image: SCN_0080.jpg]
[Image: SCN_0081.jpg]

New Traders -

[Image: SCN_0083.jpg]
[Image: SCN_0084.jpg]
Nice. Check me for the Ovi if it's available.
Check my ORG for the Hagelin.
Nice pulls. I go to Miami so I got to watch Miele play for two years, so I'm pretty jealous of that auto!
VERY INTERESTED in the Gardiner AND Frattin pulls check out my org Smile
Awesome stuff! Interested in the Larionov, Datsyuk, Lidstrom row.
Sweet stuff
nice hits congrats
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