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Full Version: 2 Box SPA break
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[Image: 2012-07-12_16-04-16_332-1.jpg]

[Image: 2012-07-12_15-55-59_969-1.jpg]

also pulled the RNH base rc extended
The Zibanejad is pretty awesome!! I'm suprised its not a redemption too, seemed like alot of his cards this year are.
Nice patch
Nice Mika and Read congrats......seen a sign of the times 2 pulled of the Nuge today can't wait for my boxes .....
Nice break....What are you looking to get for the Vitale FW?

PM me.

Nice break man.
Not a bad break, LMK if you wanna trade the Nuge
NICE BREAK If for trade i am very interested in the Scrivens future watch auto. Check out my org THANKS.
Very nice break! Congrats on the fantastic patch!!!

Why is JP Dumont a SOTT???
Im sorry, big fan of his, but he retired before the season even started and really isnt that great. I am not a fan of SPA at all. I am actually considering not doing any UD products next year other than just regular Upper Deck for the Young Guns.
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