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Full Version: FT: Darvish RC
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Got a '12 Bowman #309 Darvish FT as well as this...

[Image: frd.jpg]

It's not in ORG because I don't know what card it is, if you could tell me that would be great.

In any event they are both FT along with all the other many cards in My ORG.

I'd help if I could make it out.
[Image: NewImage.jpg]
bump for Monday afternoon!
I posted a thread asking about this card last night. About 60 people looked it and none of them responded. I don't think anyone knows what it is or how to find it in the ORG. I tried listing by OMR, Darvish 2008, etc. and nothing came up that was close.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. If you find out what it is, shoot me a PM and let me know so I can get it in my ORG correctly as well. Thanks.
Sounds like we are in the same boat. I was thrilled when I won a bunch of his RCs in an auction, but it's no good when you don't know what card it is!! I'll keep you posted in case I find anything on it.
Ok did a quick search and most of the sites that have OMR listed are either unavailable or are no longer in use. There are several of these listed on eBay, but give no more info than is on the card itself. There are several posts in forums on other collecting websites, but those too have gone unanswered. Could it be that someone is printing these in his basement?
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