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So I bought a lot off of ebay that consisted of 12 authentics autos from the 2003 set. They are the framed autographs and was going to see if any interest in trading here before I relist some of the doubles, etc, etc.

The Mcgwire I have no idea what to expect out of
Also have 2 griffeys (one numbered to 30)
2 nolan ryans
4 chipper jones
Tom Seaver
Austin Kearns Sad

I see a mcgwire on ebay for $1,499 asking which is insane, so I have nothing to determine a price on it

[Image: macbig.jpg]

[Image: ryanautobig.jpg]

[Image: seaverbig.jpg]

[Image: griff325big.jpg]

[Image: griff30big.jpg]

[Image: chipper150350.jpg]
[Image: lotpic.jpg]
Also they are in original plastic making pictures very tough to take, I may have to take out temporarily for better pictures
I'd be interested in a Chipper possibly....what are you looking for?
Same here about a chipper
Interested in several...see if I have something
or PM me prices on them if selling.
(07-10-2012 11:03 AM)lopez112308 Wrote: [ -> ]Same here about a chipper

I would be looking for autographs for the most part of star players.

The pictures are not the best as they are in original plastic

Also interested in several. see if I have anything you may need.
(07-10-2012 11:23 AM)randall44 Wrote: [ -> ]Also interested in several. see if I have anything you may need.

How do I find your page Randall
Feel free to give my org a look could be interested in a few.
Chipper please
(07-10-2012 11:31 AM)athleticsalwest43 Wrote: [ -> ]How do I find your page Randall

I don't have a photobucket page, just check profile page, start a trade and it will list everything I currently have listed for trade. If you see anything you are interested in I can send you a scan, or if there is a particular player you are looking for that you don't see I may have something not listed.
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