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I may not be in the right section, but I am looking to sell all of my baseball cards due to my first baby being on the way. I am going to be adding cards to my organizer anytime I get some spare time. I have a 1991 Topps Desert Shield/Desert Storm Chipper Jones RC that is probably my most valueable card I figure it should sell on here pretty quick seeing as how these cards are pretty rare now-adays. If anyone is interested in anything I have so far in my organizer please let me know and also if I am posting in the wrong section I would appreciate the help in pointing me where I need to go. Thanks alot. Dustin.
Most trade/sell goes here, but I'm not sure if that is just for specific have/wants or if this open offer would be better there too.

I'm (at least eventually) gonna buy a Chipper Desert card - but you have exactly ONE post on Beckett and NO trades. YOu are probably going to have to resolve yourself to shipping first and waiting for payment.
Just thought I would warn you. No matter how honest you are - your history (and your collection) sort of screams "beware"!

Hope it all works out for you.

and CONGRATS on the baby!
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