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Full Version: Home Town players?
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Anyone live in a town were a major league player is from? Off the top of my head I know of three where I'm from. It's an interesting class.....

Carl Yastrzemski
A. J. Pierzynski
Ross Gload
Chipper Jones, Luke Scott, Ricky Weeks all were raised 30 minute from where i live.
(07-08-2012 12:11 PM)RobbinsDynasty Wrote: [ -> ]Chipper Jones, Luke Scott, Ricky Weeks all were raised 30 minute from where i live.

Cool. Yea, Yaz and A.J. Are from the next town over but it's like 15 mins away. My dad worked with Yaz's cousins. I know A.J.'s family, and Ross gload went to the same high school and is still friends with one of my co workers.
i know a bunch of football players. chase coffman tampa bay josh freeman tampa bay. mark sappington hes with the orem owlz class a affiliation of the angels.
There have been 193 players that have played in MLB that were born in Cincinnati. The currently active guys are:

Andrew Brackman
Josh Harrison
Jensen Lewis
James Russell
Joe Smith
Eric Surkamp
Kevin Youkilis

A few of past players that are from Cincinnati that caught my eye are:
Barry Larkin
Don Zimmer
Pete Rose
Ron Oester
Shannon Stewart

And I went to the same school as Jayhawk Owens. A catcher for the Rockies a few years back.
Mark Teixeira
Gavin Floyd

To list a few current guys
Some bigger cities have better odds. as with my area population is around 20,000. but tra thomas was in the nfl a few years back.
Brian Wilson... And That's it.
in the small city I live in now, the most notable are Jesse Barfield & Jeff Reed. They were born & raised & played h.s. ball here.
Justin Verlander
BJ Upton
Justin Upton
David Wright
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