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Full Version: Ray Allen to the Heat
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It's official now. Ray Allen will play for Miami.
I guess he feels that the chances of Boston winning another ring are slim and that he doesn't care about cementing his legacy as a Celtic great.
that's why I don't collect recent players...
never know what stupid SHtuff they will do.
That angers me more than Lebrat winning a title, I like Ray Allen.
I think there is an obvious trend right now in the NBA....pack the top teams with as many All-Stars as you can to win a championship. I cant blame teams for doing this, but it will get to the point where there are only 4-5 good teams and the rest are just okay. Sort of disgusts me though. Look at a team like the Thunder who have a "Big 3" but who did it naturally (by losing and drafting). They came from nothing and are one of the top teams in the league. Sad how there is such an immediate need to win a ring ASAP. Granted I understand that, but what happened to taking the time to build a team rather than BUY a team?

As far as Allen leaving, I dont blame him either. He probably only has a couple years left and wants to win another ring. But as DJohn said, he lost his chance of becoming a Celtic legend/great. All these players grew up with the goal of winning a ring. He already has one and I would have thought he would have retired a Celtic, but guess not.
I hate that Boston lost a player of his caliber, especially to the Heat, but I wish him good luck wherever he goes. I will be a fan of Ray Allen's no matter who he plays with. To me he carries himself as a professional should.
It's hard for me the hate Ray Allen. He's been a true professional his whole career.
(07-07-2012 11:26 AM)kenarm79 Wrote: [ -> ]It's hard for me the hate Ray Allen. He's been a true professional his whole career.

+1. You cant blame a guy who simply wants to win another ring with maybe 2-3 years left in his career. Alonzo Mourning and Gary Payton did the same thing in 2006 (I believe) when they joined the Heat and won a ring.
I just cant see how he goes from the Celtics to a team Boston hates in the Heat! He was gonna be a bench player either way. Avery Bradley when healthy was a better starting option than Allen since he was a lot younger and better defensively.
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