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Full Version: carl hubbell auto
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any interest in this?
[Image: 2012-07-05_15-54-56_267.jpg]
enshrinement cuts 16/31
u can give me a look if its for trade
im lookin to trade it.....what i really want is a longoria auto rookie or somethin of the nature...tulowitzki or somethin in that area
either way, im a reds fan too being from the cincy area...thats a nice by the letter sp you have sir! id kill to have that..congrats!!
I have a Longo coming in. I may consider.
ok dbrookered....ive been reading these posts for awhile...before the jakelovescards very new to posting but been reading forever, so let me know...the hubbell is sweet i got it out of 1 pack i had to buy to put me over the 150 free shipping from blowout...i ordered a couple boxes and 1 pack of the sp and the hubbell was staring at me...i about crapped.
give me a look. I have some Longoria dupes.
will do...signing off for tonite, i rarely get a chance to be on here even tho i pay the 9 bucks a month....i will check you iconms
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