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I was just wondering if was any supercollectors, of Teams or Players. I have tons of base and some inserts. Let me know who, and I will let u know what I got. I'am sure we can work out something. Here is mine

Luol Deng- any cards
04-05-Bulls rc's

Thanks, Ethan
Clarence Weatherspoon or Jamal Mashburn
(07-04-2012 09:07 PM)awoj Wrote: [ -> ]Clarence Weatherspoon or Jamal Mashburn

Thanks, for the reply. I will let u know what I have.
Reggie Miller
David Robinson
KNICKS.. Newly added JKIDD
Gerald Henderson
Haven't i already raided your collection, ethan?
Jeff Hornacek, Mark Eaton, Kresimir Cosic, John Stockton, Karl Malone
Lebron, Jordan, Durant, Bosh

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