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I need some help getting a scan of a 90's base card lol . Making bbills a banner and I found a Majerle card I thought I could get his image from but their arent many scans so I was looking to see if somebody has it among their base and could scan it for me.

The card is 93-94 Ultra Dan Majerle #150

Theres a decent one on google but would be better if somebody could scan one without making the scan smaller. Thanks!
To answer your question in your title, yes, I'm very organized with my base. Sadly, I don't have that card though. Smile I'm surprised I have 0 Majerle cards. Sad He doesn't want to use any from the cards he's picked up so far?
lol I was thinking you would know where all of yours were. He had some but with autos and gu's theres always less of a picture of the player.
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