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Full Version: 2 Tins of Redline
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Busted 2 tins of redline and have one more on the way. Awsome looking release all the way through. If anyone is interested in any of these let me know, I usually don't add them to my org until prices are released but we can work something out. The scan doesn't due the Danica its true justice, an amazing card. That is the only one not available.

[Image: 001-3.jpg]
[Image: 002-2.jpg]
Not sure if I have anything for you, but definitely interested in the Carl Edwards cards - I do have a Labonte AU on the way I might part with.

That Danica hit is HUGE - awesome card!
Check me for the Kahne please.
I agree, awesome Danica card Smile!

Awesome Danica Smile, but that doesn't look like any of her godaddy firesuits does it? or is it one of her Indy firesuits?
The Danica is really sweet...nice pull. Are the Autos numbered? I think it is cool that the autos are in the Bayne an SP, I wonder? Two decent tins...the patch on the Kenseth could be a bit better, though.
Love the Kasey Kahne's
Great pulls overall. I wish I had something to trade you for the Mark, the Bayne or either of the Kahne's, but I highly doubt it. That Danica is awesome. Great pull there! Congrats.
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