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I am looking to trade for 2009 UD America's Team cards. My needs are listed as wants, so if you start a trade and have some, my needs will show up with the star. The more of my needs you have, the more I will trade in your favor.

Looking for other random Cowboys like Austin, Witten, Ware, Romo (a few) and any older guys like Emmitt, Aikman, Irvin, Moose, Staubach, R. White and any from the 1970s.

Finally, I am looking to add to my Rickey Dudley PC. All of my needs are marked as such. Will trade in your favor if you have some of the harder to find stuff.

Here's some recent stuff I have picked up. It should all be marked FT.
[Image: July20024.jpg]
I've got a bunch of aikman, Emmit smith, deion sanders, irvin cards. If you're interested ill add them all to my org for you. You can check what I have in there now as well to see if I have anything you need
I have a topps chrome red refractor rc stephen mcgee if youre interested.
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