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I think it's the right place to show my pc, I started last year. I still need some big cards, but I really like the look at this PC... All Gem mint or better!

I'm still looking for new cards to add to my pc. If you have a nice vintage rookie card, graded BVG/BGS 9.5 or 10, send me a message, I'm buying or trading!

[Image: 8767511_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5224602_orig.jpg]
[Image: 1970946_orig.jpg]
[Image: 3691463_orig.jpg]
[Image: 9829540_orig.jpg]
[Image: 815452_orig.jpg]
[Image: 1180333_orig.jpg]
[Image: 3798797_orig.jpg]
[Image: 3504857_orig.jpg]
[Image: 3041017_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5168102_orig.jpg]
[Image: 1788376_orig.jpg]
[Image: 4892177_orig.jpg]
[Image: 7239102_orig.jpg]
[Image: 6475585_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5600421_orig.jpg]
[Image: 802158_orig.jpg]
[Image: 8468792_orig.jpg]
[Image: 913607_orig.jpg]
[Image: 2323904_orig.jpg]
[Image: 9379702_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5294219_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5853072_orig.jpg]
[Image: 168116_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5038063_orig.jpg]
[Image: 3298468_orig.jpg]
[Image: 8349364_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5819197_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5337878_orig.jpg]
[Image: 2545354_orig.jpg]
[Image: 364985_orig.jpg]
[Image: 4376126_orig.jpg]
[Image: 9842914_orig.jpg]
[Image: 1771184_orig.jpg]
[Image: 1705122_orig.jpg]
[Image: 4938266_orig.jpg]
[Image: 1511031_orig.jpg]
[Image: 8413673_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5219876_orig.jpg]
[Image: 4961477_orig.jpg]
Very Impressive!
Wow, great collection. I also collect mostly vintage and can certainly appreciate all of those. Modern cards don't have the same appeal or feel to them, I guess its more sentimental than anything as I collected all of these throughout my childhood. Back than we were not afraid to touch our cards, we traded, played games and enjoyed them. Collecting was more about the love of hockey and the enjoyment of sharing a hobby with your friends.

Thanks for showing them.
Love the Hextall 10. By chance did you get that off eBay about a month or so ago?
Awesome collection. I only collect RCs and have been thinking lately about getting all my HOFers graded. I've never been a big fan of graded cards, but they have been growing on me recently. And seeing a sweet collection like this one certainly makes me want to do it even more.
(07-03-2012 11:55 PM)dam1057 Wrote: [ -> ]Love the Hextall 10. By chance did you get that off eBay about a month or so ago?

No, I also see this card, but 425$ is out of my range price for this card! I found one on ebay about 6 month ago for 1/5 of that price Smile
Thats a wicked collection youve built up, very nice!
That's an awesome collection! Thanks for sharing.
That is INSANE!!! Congrats on the unbelievable collection!!!

When i began collecting many years ago, my dream/goal was to collect every opc rookie starting from 1980-89. You sir have an amazing collection that brings me back to those thoughts/goals. Keep up the good work
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