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I just thought I would share the results from my awesome experience on Saturday. As I have mentioned before, Clay Guida has a gym not from my house and has fighters come in for training seminars and autograph sessions. This time it was Carlos Condit, a fighter I have been a fan of since his WEC run. Heres the reason that it was probably the best autograph appearance I have ever been to, time of total time spent there 20 minutes. I wanted to show up about 30 minutes before he started signing to ensure that I didnt miss out, but I was running late and didnt make it until about 30 minutes after he started. He managed to get 40+ people taken care of and there were only a few people left in line when I got there. Carlos was very nice and engaging. Anyways, just thought I would share a cool experience.

[Image: conditseries4ipauto.jpg]

[Image: conditmotipauto.jpg]

[Image: 2012-06-30001.jpg]
That is friggin' awesome!!!! You are so lucky to be that close to Guida's Gym! It's like your own private Las Vegas Fan Expo! LOL! Congrats!!!
Yeah the only thing I need to do now is get an appearance schedule or something, I didnt find out about this until 2 days beforehand, lol. An autographed picture of Condit KOing Hardy would have been a lot better than the cards, but I will take it anyway Smile
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