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Ill post scans later... I donno why I keep tryin my luck with contenders but I bought 2 more packs. 1st pack was all base, 2nd pack had a Tomas Kubalik (who?) Calder Contenders auto /800... I think im done with these. I got my big score from this product on by first pack I bought and nothing since. time to move on haha

The 4 packs of Anthology were once again good. Oh BTW for the guy in my last post that brought up how he didnt like how card shops open the bonus pack, well my regular shop I goto, the guy will sell the pack for $20 if your there when he first opens the box. Anyway he offered it to me and I said no. So he opened it and it was Phaneuf jersey/stick. The stick looked pretty terrible, like someone crammed a foil cigar wrapper in there haha. Anyway onto the packs.
Pack 1: I knew he'd show up sooner or later since he follows me with each panini product I buy: Joe Colborn dual jersey auto rookie treasure #/499. It actually has 2 different color swatches. a blue & a white, so thats cool.
Pack 2: Draft year Combo: James Reimer/Semyon Varlamov
Pack 3: Pinnale Rookie (I donno what these shiney foil cards are called) Andy Miele (who again? haha)
Pack 4: Certified Freshman fabrics Signature redemption Devante Smith-Pelly #/99

Pretty happy with the Anthology pulls once again. Havnt gotten any big names, but I really like the variety of inserts in this stuff...

(cards are not for sale or trade)
not bad
I'm interested in the Smith-Pelly!!
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