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A couple of years ago I got a number of basketball cards from an old neighbor that collected a little bit back in the 1980s. In them were a number of Topps 1980/81 basketball cards. All of the cards had blank backs and were not perforated to split the three cards up. I am not sure what they are because I can't find any information online about them. There were three Larry Bird/Magic Johnson Rc cards in the lot. Can anyone tell me anything about this card? Thanks for any help you can give me.

[Image: BirdFront.jpg]

[Image: Birdback.jpg]
Well the regular issued cards were on white stock. So it probably wasn't a printing error as it would still be on white card stock. Are the cards the same size as regular ones from the same set? There are a few different ones you have? IDK what they are but perhaps printing proofs? If you would be interested in trading one of the Bird/Johnson rookies I would be very happy to get one as I collect oddball and error stuff and these certainly qualify!

I believe they are the same size of the original but I am not sure. Thanks for your offer of trading for one but first I would like to find more info about them. I do not collect basketball cards but I am interested in baseball cards. Thank you for your help.
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