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Picked up 2 tins of 06-07 UD SP Signature Edition Basketball from Meijer on a road trip this weekend... Here's the rundown... $11.99 (x2)

Kwame Brown - /499
Shane Battier - /499
Josh Howard - /499
Vince Carter - /499

Auto #1:

James Augustine - Orlando Magic Inkcredible Inscriptions 085/100 "First Team All Big 10" (ON CARD)

Auto #2:
Vince Carter Signature Styles Auto 21/25

[Image: SPTins.jpg]

How'd I do?? I'm not big into basketball but I think the Carter auto is pretty good. FT/FS if interested! Thanks!

If you collect football cmb forbthe Carter auto please. thanks.
Sick orlando magic card
Would mainly be looking for Detroit Red Wings or Lions in return. Just let me know!
I got my first Vince Carter auto as a replacement for a Kevin Garnett auto that was never produced. it was an exquisite buyback auto. there were 59 buybacks signed. I was pleased even though I wanted the Garnett.
Nice carter hit! Great prices for just $11.99 per box. I can't find that deal any where else. Congrat!
(07-02-2012 06:03 AM)sky20t Wrote: [ -> ]Nice carter hit! Great prices for just $11.99 per box. I can't find that deal any where else. Congrat!

Usually don't do a lot of basketbal but the look of this set is great! Nice clean shots, thicker card stock, chance at some big name autos... heck I'll pick up any others I ever find just for how nice the set looks... someone out there must want to trade basketball for hockey right??? lol

Great pull man! Seems like an excellent price for that product. Makes me want to cruise to Meijer right now! Do they guarantee an auto per?
I love that product. Never had the chance to buy any though... $11.99 a tin? that's an excellent price...
how much were they when they first came out? I never seen them in my LCS, when I started collecting again in April 2007. I did pick up a few base & inserts... along with Farmar for my PC
You've inspired me to drive to Meijer. Great pulls
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