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please leave scans and what your looking for thanks! Smile
I got a brad miller /10 winning big materials patch 3 color Wink

I want that Naquin auto back haha Smile

What types of patches bc I got a quite a few of them, a few auto/patches too.
I'll post pics when I get home.
haha didnt see that comin Wink . not really sure what type just really what catches my eye. I really want 2011 limited jumbo usa patches of the "S" in usa but thats very specfic and gunna be rough to find. blue 2010 platinum ref patchs are pretty sweet also
I have a sick Kolten Wong in my NFT section. /25 so no book on it. It's the good ol red white and blue coloring. But I'd want a strong offer bc of who it is and the coloring of the patch. PM me if interested
very cool wong pm sent
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