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Went to Wal-Mart tonight and saw 2 blaster boxes of Ignite. Grabbed one box and noticed it was slit and the two packs were removed. There was a second box and it was unopened so I grabbed it. Before checking out I took the empty blaster box and three opened retail packs to customer service. I told them that someone was stealing cards and gave them the empty/opened merchandise. The lady at customer service had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to buy them. I said that I was but not now since they were opened. She then said thank you and nothing else. Went home and opened the blaster box, the thieves opened up the wrong box, I pulled a RU card of one of the drivers that I collect Smile and needed. Here it is:

[Image: IgniteDanica1.jpg]

I hope they stole a crappy card Smile.

Nice pull...retail Danica is just as hot and just as nice.

Nothing worse than finding packs open at the store. Glad you got the good box.
DAMN! That's exactly what I said (out loud) when I saw your pic. Great luck with that pull. Congrats on it! I really do hate how the thieves seem to keep snatching cards from packs and boxes at retail stores.

That's why I mostly just go to Target for retail. All their cards are right by the registers which makes it much harder for the stealers.
KMart has done better too by moving their cards to the toy section. You KNOW they have cameras all over the toy department.
I worked at a Super K about a dozen years ago and there were always loose cards all over the area the cards were at b/c people would just open packs, take anything good and throw the rest back on the shelf.

Now, if only the customer service folks at ANY of the big-box stores could tell when someone bought a blaster, opened it up outside of the store, then re-sealed it after removing anything worthwhile, and then returned it to the store for a refund. That is the biggest problem in buying retail cards.
At least you got the good end of it this time!
Thanks guys, I was happy also. The Target near me has the same problems with cards, a few weeks ago someone opened every single pack in a full retail box. The cards there and at Wal-Mart are right next to a register so I guess it all depends on how often that register gets used. I have not seen this problem at the KMart near me yet either.

Sweet G's .....only thing to make it better...Her lips on the card.
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