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Full Version: No one busted...
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... any of the Broad St Boys? Looking to trade for any of them.
Got these yesterday

[Image: SimonNoletAuto.jpg]
[Image: RickMacLeishAuto.jpg]
[Image: DaveSchultzAuto.jpg]
[Image: BobFroeseAuto.jpg]
[Image: TonyAmonteEmblem9.jpg]
[Image: JeremyRoenickGJ.jpg]
[Image: KiethPrimeauGold.jpg]
[Image: 7lotBSBBase.jpg]
I am interested in the Amonte emblem. What are you looking for in trade?
Trade offer sent
Im interested in the Macleish and the base
(06-30-2012 08:39 AM)jtbruds9 Wrote: [ -> ]Im interested in the Macleish and the base

Send me a offer

Yeah looks like a killer product I was wondering the same
the product looks nice
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