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Not related to sports cards at all, but I had to show off one of my new favorite items. It isn't for everyone, but I know some of you can appreciate it. I don't see these very often and there will obviously never be more. Signed in France in 1994...

[Image: cobain.jpg]
NO WAY!!! Kurt cobain

I LOVE Nirvana and start my day off with at least one of there songs, each and every day!

Sweet pick up
Wow another Nirvana fan. I breathe Nirvana. Once I'm in my new place I'll show you my Kurt autos. I have 3 so far one just him, one with the Nirvana most people know (Krist & Dave) and one with Kurt, Krist and Chad Channing. Very cool pick up man congrats.
Wow, a pre-Dave auto, nice! I found a guitar that is signed by all 3 (Grohl) but I couldn't justify the price on that. Maybe later. Hahaha
very nice!!! and SUPER rare!!!
Yeah I love it the only bad thing is it's on a crappy piece of notebook paper. It actually cost less then the one with Dave which I thought was weird since I figure there's less but who knows. I got a good deal on all three so I couldn't pass it up. Plus when my mom was dying she told me to use some inheritance for something special that I wouldn't normally be able to buy to remember her by so I thought that was perfect.
Thats sick!
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