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Not sure why my previous post was removed. I have all my cards marked for sale with prices in the organzie...Please PM me so I may know what I am doing wrong. I haven't been on in a few months so not sure if something had changed. .

I have some cards listed for sale as I am trying to raise some needed funds. Prices can be found with the cards in the organize. Contact if interested. Thank You!
This happened to my sale thread as well. Waiying for a response before I put it up again.
(06-29-2012 02:44 PM)amysb4212 Wrote: [ -> ]This happened to my sale thread as well. Waiying for a response before I put it up again.

Yea I have no clue. I have everything I wanna sell in the right category with prices marked. It would be nice if they had something setup that would remove the post from the forum but still have it in your account section with a reason for removal.
Ceocards messaged me back and said that he didn't know why they had been deleted. Luckily, I had made a word doc.
It seems someone from Beckett went through and axed all the FS threads on the boards.

I will say this - the TOS all along has a rule that FS threads aren't allowed on the trading boards.

HOWEVER - as a mod group, we have consistently told people that as long as they had items marked appropriately for sale in their orgs, with a credit card on file to pay fees, that they could list FS items as well as FT items.

I've sent a message to Beckett Admin to see if their position on this issue has changed and if they want us to start strictly enforcing that rule.

Until I hear back, I would strongly suggest holding off on posting new FS threads..wouldn't want to have anyone get in trouble. I'll let you know what/when I hear anything back.
Thanks Ceo. If this gets removed i'll just let it go. It would be nice if they put up a sale forum.
Hi I am a Marketplace Dealer on here and here is my understanding.

They do not have a for sale forum because that is what we do here as authorized Marketplace Dealers and believe me we pay $ dearly for the right to sell here.

You are able to sell on the forums but from my understanding you have to have the cards listed in the sale area of your org and marked for sale the reason I believe you got your thread kicked is you had the cards listed or scanned in your post. I think you can only basically say check my org for deals and so forth.

I may be way of base so do not think I know all the answers that is just how I thought it was supposed to work.

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