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First I need to give a big shoutout to Bakerman, about 1-2 months ago he sent me a HUGE package of Dolphins cards(Probably close to 100 I believe) including some of the old guys like Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas, I haven't logged in since then, but a big thank you to Bakerman!!!

And I have now completed 2 rainbows of Brandon Harris thanks!

[Image: BHarris43.jpg]
[Image: BHarris6.jpg]
[Image: BHarris24.jpg]
[Image: BHarris10.jpg]
[Image: BHarris7.jpg]

[Image: B_Harris29.jpg]
[Image: B_Harris9.jpg]
[Image: B_Harris1.jpg]
[Image: B_Harris12.jpg]
Nice man
Wow great looking rainbows
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