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I have a 1991 Wild Card NFL Case Card that is serial numbered out of 100. While there were 100 of these originally made, I have a feeling that a lot of them probably got sent back in to the company and redeemed for a case. So there is a decent chance that this is the only one of these left in existence. There are some die hard Wild Card collectors out there, I have been offered as much as $5,000 for the card, but because of it's rarity, I have kept it. I realize that there are a lot of 1/1 cards available in the market today. However, this card is from 1991, a time when serial numbering of cards just started. In 1991, other than Wild Card, I believe Upper Deck was the only other company to do serial numbering with their Montana and Namath autographs and they were numbered out of 2500, not 100, plus I doubt any of them were destroyed.

Has anyone else seen any of these cards and if so, have you seen them sell and if so, what was the selling price? Thanks for whatever info you can provide me.
If somebody offered you $5,000.00 you should have took the money and ran to the bank laughing. Rarity is good but there also has to be a demand for the item. There aren't many collectors that are into Wild Card. Especially a redemption card for a case. I could see if it was an extremely rare card of a desirable player but a case redemption card probably has no real demand.
And whose pictured on the card? It's a redemption card that has expired, are all my Fleer one's priceless now?
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