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got paypal ready. not real picky, not looking for anything specific. if you are looking to unload some lower end stuff, im looking to buy at these prices:

i am NOT looking for game used and autos. if you want to throw some in, that's fine, but im not specifically looking for them

$3 bv cards - 15 cents/card
$4 bv cards - 25 cents/card
$5 bv cards - 35 cents/card
$6 bv cards - 40 cents/card
$8 bv cards - 55 cents/card
$10 bv cards - 75 cents/card

and of course, ill pick up the shipping

minimum lot bv needs to be at least 300 dollars total. more is better. ideal lot would be around 1000-2000
I have a tonne of stuff I could send your much PayPal do you wanna spend? I could put together a box that at those prices would be about $300 (which is like $4500 in BV).
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