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I'd be willing to trade whatever you'd like the most if you can get me good cards of Jose Bautista, Colby Rasmus, & Brett Lawrie of the Toronto Blue Jays. I have a huge collection of promo cards that i'd be willing to trade to you in return. I have lots of oddball or Canadian OPC cards that parallel Topps as well as lots of oddball promo cards as i aquired a huge collection from a former card store owner who kept all the promo packs sent to him over the years. Chipper Jones RC Promos, Arod, Jeter RC promos, Griffey JR promos, etc. just let me know what you have & what you want player or team-wise.

my collecting priorities go like this:

2-Jordan, Lebron, Durant,Steve Nash
3-Wilt Chamberlain, DR J, Kareem
4-Babe Ruth, Mantle
6-Female Celebrities & Athletes

i also collect anything first printed like #001/100, #01/25, #1/1 &
anything last printed like #99/99 or serial #'d to an athlete's jersey # like Jordan #023/500. Feel free to pm me with offers or names of athletes you want promo cards of.


sent open offer. don't want any Encarnacion cards?
I just got a Jake Marisnick In person auto on 2012 bowman. You interested.
Bautista Super
I have this 2011 Topps Finest Jose Bautista Superfractor 1/1, it fits your Bautista PC and your First/Last one made PC. Send over a PM if your interested, Im looking for offers.

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