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I will be willing to trade (possibly buy) any 1974 Topps baseball that I need for my set. If you have any LMK and I will send you a list of what I have. I am especially looking for Winfield RC and Ryan.
I have the Ryan and some others. What do you need?
(06-28-2012 06:28 PM)stevep0422 Wrote: [ -> ]I have the Ryan and some others. What do you need?

Just got done putting the list of what I need on my website. Thanks!
I have 55 that you are missing, cards #20,35,59,62,83,85,105,145,158,170,178,181,183,219,228,237,275,277,291,294,300,3​06,307,312,315,318,327,336,342,348,349,354,362,364,368,372,387,406,408,419,421,4​52,453,457,5202,523,524,540,578,589,

I didn't see anything in your org yet. I am looking for a Rickey Henderson rookie graded 8 or that Mantle/Mays in your photobucket or $100 cash

PM me if interested
I have a couple left. Give me a check.
I just bought a huge box of 70s baseball I have over 300 from 1974 pm me what you need Big Grin
I have a Winfield rookie (high grade) thats in my PC. It'd take another PC type card for me to part with it.

Also just found:
miscut (but not terrible) Lou Brock and Mays World Series cards from '74.

Message me if you want to talk.

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