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I hadn't broken anything all year so I thought it was time to pick up a couple of boxes. I'm trying to cut down on the size of my non-pc collection so I went with Titanium and Limited. I think both breaks were pretty good, but I enjoyed Titanium more.

Here's the Limited box.

[Image: 2011-12Limitedbreak.jpg]

and the hits from Titanium.

[Image: 2011-12TitaniumBreak.jpg]

Everything's up for trade.
Looks like you got MY box, haha. Check me for the Lucic and Ovi, if you don't mind!
Interested in the Ovechkin. Maybe we can work out a deal for the Dallman (Gold) RC


Nice pulls!!!Congrats!Check out my nice Blues hit ........thread lone pack of Titanium...
check me for the yzerman
Interested in Chara, Lucic and Ovi.
Check my ORG
Offer sent.
nice hits congrats
Sweet breaks
The looch and ovie are nice! Good job.
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