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[Image: LaDainianTominson2001PressPassBreakout.jpg][Image: LaDainianTomlinson2001DynagonTopoftheClass.jpg][Image: LaDainianTomlinson2001PacificDynagonRetailRC.jpg][Image: LaDainianTomlinson2001PacificImpressionsRetailRC.jpg][Image: LaDainianTomlinson2001PressPass.jpg][Image: LaDainianTomlinson2001PressPassSE.jpg][Image: LaDainianTomlinson2001PressPassSERookievision.jpg][Image: LaDainianTomlinson2001PressPassSEUpClose.jpg]
[Image: LaDainianTomlinson2001SAGEHIT.jpg][Image: LaDainianTomlinson2001UpperDecke-Card.jpg][Image: LaDainianTomlinson2010ToppsChromeAnniver...prints.jpg]
2010 Reprint
[Image: LaDainianTomlinson2011ToppsEndZoneIconsPatches.jpg][Image: PercyHarvin2009UpperDeckHeroes111RC.jpg][Image: DrewBrees2001ToppsRC.jpg][Image: MarshallFaulk1994SPRC.jpg][Image: JamesLofton1979ToppsRC.jpg]
No PC rookies are mediocre...good stuff James!
Great Stuff I got to post my mail soon got a few nice one my LT Sp Authenic bgs 9.5 just came today Smile
awesome mailday man
mediocre my butt! Thats some really sweet stuff!! I really like those LT press pass inserts! Press Pass put some thought into their cards back then, lol. Great stuff!
Thanks guys, JFrench I sent you a trade offer
Very nice! Always great when you get closer to your goal Smile
Added these two from the mail today
[Image: MattForte2008BowmanChromeRookieAutographs.jpg]
[Image: LaDainianTomlinson2001UpperDeckRC.jpg]

Thanks guys!
keep adding those Rc's!
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