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I have over 100 autos that I am ready to trade heavily in your favor (for the right cards of course).
I have tried this before and as much as I'd love to do $5.00 trades - the time and expense of mailing the cards properly sort of prohibits it.
SO - I am hoping we can bundle these up and trade for larger $$ amounts.
Let me know what you want. they are probably NOT all in my org - so send me a PM if they are not.

I'll be posting more soon.

[Image: CommonAutos76.jpg]
[Image: CommonAutos75.jpg]
[Image: CommonAutos74.jpg]
[Image: CommonAutos73.jpg]
[Image: CommonAutos72.jpg]
[Image: CommonAutos7.jpg]
cant tell who the brewer is LMK
Check me for the beachy auto
(06-27-2012 02:14 PM)MagicInaBottle Wrote: [ -> ]cant tell who the brewer is LMK

There are three - but I think you are asking about Hernon Iribarren
Interested in the Beachy from this post, also some from your others...
Beachy and big panda
Sent you an open trade offer
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