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Yup. I FINALLY finished scanning every JT I own and have them all uploaded on Each card is titled and has a description for serial #'d cards as well. Hell I even gave every card a tag ie Jason Taylor 1/1, Jason Taylor Jersey, Jason Taylor Patch, etc. in case someone did a search for Jason Taylor cards.

Anywho I hope you guys take the time to check out my PC as its my baby and took a long time to scan them lol.

Here we go:

















One Of Ones

I cannot believe its grown to where it has. I remember having 4 or 5 base cards of him before I decided to actively collect him and could not be more appreciative for all the help that Ive gotten from you guys! THANK YOU and thanks for looking!!!
Wow!!!!! Now that's an amazing PC!
holy c-rap !!! fareakin' saweet PC Smile
(06-26-2012 08:41 PM)pbean Wrote: [ -> ]holy c-rap !!! fareakin' saweet PC Smile

What he said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice bake! I just cant individually scan and crop each card ha. I just throw mine on the scanner and let it go lol. I havent had the time to even do that for the Keary "tHE GREATEST wr to ever live" colbert collection lol
i need to clean off my keyboard
Sweet PC Bman! It takes ALOT of time to get that bucket like that. I lost many of hours of sleep scanning and uploading, LOL! Looks really good, congrats! Smile
WOW!! Now thats impressive!!

I know you put a lot of time & money in that pc & I think it looks AWESOME!! And not to mention all the time it must've taken to get the bucket organized like that.... Very well done done my friend!! Congrats!! Smile
My eyes hurt from all the teal and orange. Sweet stuff, B-man!
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