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(06-26-2012 08:03 PM)Marinocollector Wrote: [ -> ]NICE!

(06-26-2012 08:09 PM)brentboudreaux1 Wrote: [ -> ]Wow!!!!! Now that's an amazing PC!

Thanks man!
(06-26-2012 08:41 PM)pbean Wrote: [ -> ]holy c-rap !!! fareakin' saweet PC Smile

Thanks pbean!
(06-26-2012 10:08 PM)warcraftin Wrote: [ -> ]What he said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you very much!
(06-26-2012 11:55 PM)chads-cards Wrote: [ -> ]Nice bake! I just cant individually scan and crop each card ha. I just throw mine on the scanner and let it go lol. I havent had the time to even do that for the Keary "tHE GREATEST wr to ever live" colbert collection lol

Believe me this was a year long scanning process. In fact when I started scanning I did about 150 cards before I realized I didnt give them the right size so I could post pics here. They were WAY to big so I had to spend extra time resizing them. In the end when you finish its so nice to look at your PC all at one time. GO FOR IT!!!
(06-27-2012 08:14 AM)supbullcoc Wrote: [ -> ]i need to clean off my keyboard

lmao! Thanks man!
(06-27-2012 08:42 AM)jncdrew Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet PC Bman! It takes ALOT of time to get that bucket like that. I lost many of hours of sleep scanning and uploading, LOL! Looks really good, congrats! Smile

Thanks buddy! Yeah scanning does take forever!!!! At first I wasnt going to title each card but when I did a couple just to see how it would look I decided I HAD to put a title to make the cards pop a little. The best part is anytime I had a new card I can scan it and boom Im caught up. No more doing 500+ cards lol.
(06-27-2012 09:26 AM)lambeau legend4 Wrote: [ -> ]WOW!! Now thats impressive!!

I know you put a lot of time & money in that pc & I think it looks AWESOME!! And not to mention all the time it must've taken to get the bucket organized like that.... Very well done done my friend!! Congrats!! Smile

Thanks buddy! It took forever lol. Anytime I thought I was done I had to edit something, scan another card, the scan of a card was messed up somehow, a card was missing its title, etc. Took a lot of patience to say the least! lol.
(06-27-2012 09:33 AM)sconnienation3 Wrote: [ -> ]My eyes hurt from all the teal and orange. Sweet stuff, B-man!

LOL. Thanks man! I wish I could post the cards in a thread but with the 10 image limit it was faster and easier just to post a link to each folder. Im pretty excited about completing the onto ZT and Marino...UGH!!! lol.
wow.. incredible PC... ive never sat and looked at a PB as long as i just did.. glad i did!
(06-27-2012 04:08 PM)jfrench91 Wrote: [ -> ]wow.. incredible PC... ive never sat and looked at a PB as long as i just did.. glad i did!

Thanks for the kind words my friend! Believe me now that I have them all scanned and uploaded I been looking at them as well lol.
Bump to share!
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