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I know, I was up late, mad over a pool tournament loss and in lieu of retail therapy, I was on eBay buying of all things, hot packs. I read a few user guides on how people are dishonest and reseal the packs and all the other techniques, weighing the packs and whatnot. I've heard of all of that before. Well I came across an auction for what appeared to be 2011 Topps Triple Threads. This is the auction description

Quote:This is an auction for a hot pack I have opened many triple threads and plates and patches and I don't need all these cards I make the packs my self I may lose money but I need good ratings thank you. You are not guarenteed to get your money back from the cards but you also have a chance of pulling cards worth $30 and up good luck. I have also made redemptions for blaster or hobby boxes. Blasters include chrome or certified. Hobby include plates and patches or sterling goodluck!!

Yeah the writing is a little ambiguous and could be misleading but I figured ah, I'll give it a shot. When I opened the package this kid sent me I was definitely surprised. It was a self-made "hot pack" of all this kids commons, all banged up in different size sleeves, screw downs, semi-rigid holders, etc. I'm looking at the card in the screw down and the corners are so rounded and bent up that it was really just an insult to a collector to sell that card and misrepresent it as a "hot pack."

So now, I'm obviously aggravated. I hadn't been really dealing with eBay in almost 10 years because of instances like this back when the auction site was getting its bearings. Now i'm exchanging messages with this person explaining that the auction description was terribly misleading and I would like my money back. My request found a response of "I do not accept returns. the auction says so. sorry." Wow, now I'm thinking does this kid really want to pick apart his listing. Finally I give up dealing directly with him, leave negative feedback, and open up a dispute on eBay. Within a few hours eBay issued a "courtesy" refund in the full amount to my paypal account.

All in all, I received a 2010 Topps Colt McCoy Throwback patch, C. Kaepernick Aspiring Legacies from Topps Legends, a DeMarco Murray and Ryan Williams Topps RR ( damaged ), Jamie Harper and Kyle Rudolph 2011 Topps Platinum, and a 2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Marc Bulger. I also had a baseball "hot pack" as well with various no-names and all the card badly rounded and creased.

The sellers name is alexm1229alex - BEWARE!!!

Thanks for listening.
This is a great post, I have ALWAYS been curious about "hot packs" but you didn't say if ALL of the hot packs were already opened. I was reading one of them once that somebody pulled a Abe Lincoln hair strand on an Allen & Ginter pack.
No, in fact I've purchased MANY (I have a problem) thAt have in fact been legit. It was more of a buyer beware post. There are still unscrupulous people out there trying to make a quick buck.
Fellow pool player and hot pack junkie lol

Sorry about your bad experience. Nice to post the bad. But, why not post some reputable guys as well?
I too have bought a hot pack before and ended up getting a Jimmy Clausen single color GU from '11 Prestige. Is there a way to reseal the packs after you have already opened one? As far as a "make your own" hotpack, you should have expected that's exactly what the kid was trying to do. Guaranteed he'll never send anything really nice out.
Im not going to be tempted by hot packs anymore.
Anyone who buys hot packs is stupid. Either you will get ripped off or you are paying a person who goes through boxes and rips others off.
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